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The management and staff of DERTEC are aware of their social responsibility. In all our business decisions we aim not only to generate higher returns, but also to seize opportunities to improve the environment as well as the welfare of our employees and society. We endeavour to minimise risks to the natural and built environment and society posed by our business activities. We strive for sustainable entrepreneurship. We believe that sustainable business practices go beyond just the environment; the human and societal aspects of sustainability are also key priorities. To this end, we focus both on the technical improvement of our business operations as well as our own awareness and that of our employees. We offer a pleasant working environment with emphasis on the personal situation and consider mutual respect very important. These values are just as important in our relationships with international manufacturers and suppliers. These matters raised during regular visits to our producers, where we also carry out local inspections. Particularly in the case of our Asian suppliers, we are regularly on site and monitor aspects such as working conditions, which certainly never involve child labour. To ensure quality and continuity, as a precursor to ISO certification, we use internal quality reports, a clear policy for waste flows and frequently apply energy saving measures.