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Planetary “Ball Bearing” Variators

BKD variators

In 2014 DERTEC has taken over the activities of the German producer BKD Drives.
As a result of this take over all activities are being relocated to DERTEC in The Netherlands.

Since 2014 DERTEC Sells , Produces and assembles these unique motor variatorsystem.
The main customers are in a specific industry of mixing and stirring of paint or chemicals
Due to the fact that these variators can be supplied with ATEX there is still a strong demand
For these kind of variators in market where Frequency Inverters are not commonly used.
WIth the abaility to regulate the output speed from ZERO to MAX this variator offers an
Interesting solution to this specific market. For the chemical industry DERTEC has developed
a Stainless Steel version as well to cover also the needs of this group of customers.

BKD variators Documentation

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