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The DERTEC Aluminium TKM Series Hypoid Bevelgear drives are available in 4 different sizes,

TKM28B/C, TKM38B/C, TKM48B/C, TKM58B/C. These drives are developed to increase efficiency at

High ratio’s. The B-Series offers ratios upto 60:1, the C-Series offers ( by using a Helical pre-stage )

a gearratio of 300:1 with an efficienncy of over 90 %. Increasing of the efficiency means reducing of

energy ( power ) needed to arrive at the same required secundary torque at the secundary shaft.

Using IE3 or IE4 motors with these Helical Hypoid Gearboxes offers a double Win – Win situation  !

Assembling from stock is possible for many different combinations..

TKM Series Documentation

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