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Electric Motors

DERTEC AC Asynchronous motors and AC Linestart PM Synchrone motors. We offer standard AC Three phase ( with or without brake ) and AC Mono Phase Aluminium motors. DERTEC aluminium motors are produced according to IEC/DIN …. with an IE3 Efficiency level. Technical specifications are IP55, Isolation Class “F” , with a power range from 0,09 upto 7,5 kW. To reach higher efficiency and reduce energy losts we offer a line of Hybrid PM Synchronous motors. DERTEC Line start AC motors offer a high efficiency to reach IE4 and do not need an inverter to start. The special design of this type of motor allows it to start up without the use of a frequency inverter, but if the use of the motor requires an inverter it still can be used as in a normal AC motor. Today the product line is available from IEC71 upto IEC90 with output powers at 1500 Rpm between 0,37kW and 1,5kW


DOL Hybrid PM Synchronous motors